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About Us

The Home Defense Super Store was founded to give our customers access to different non-lethal personal defense weapons and products, enabling them to fight back against crime in their communities and be able to provide safety and security for their families and loved ones.
The Home Defense Super Store offers a wide range of personal self-defense and home protection products, including hidden cameras, survival gear, mace spray, pepper spray, flashlight tasers, and various women’s self-defense products. We offer our customers superior products with fast deliveries and affordable prices.
Our mission
Our mission is your personal wellbeing. We believe that every person should be able to defend themselves, whether they’re using flashlight tasers or mace spray. A large number of our clients are women, meaning that we stock many women’s self-defense products. Nonetheless, we are here to help anyone who wants to feel safer as they walk the streets with their friends and loved ones. 
With our extensive selection of non-lethal self-defense devices, hidden cameras, survival gear, and surveillance systems, we are able to bring affordable and high-quality self-defense weapons and equipment to the hands of each and every American.
20+ years of experience
The founder of The Home Defense Super Store has been involved in the fields of self-defense, martial arts, and personal security for over 20 years, utilizing their knowledge and experience to provide their customers with top-tier products that they have hand-picked in order to maximize their safety.
No one should have to feel scared at home or in their local neighborhood, which is why the Home Defense Super Store is striving to equip each and every American with the personal self-defense weapons they need in order to feel safe and comfortable in their homes. 
From flashlight tasers to pepper sprays and mace sprays – we have everything you need to enhance your personal safety in a range of environments and scenarios.


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